Sunday, August 02, 2020

Rolling Stones: Happy Birthday Keith


The Rolling Stones
Happy Birthday Keith
Weeping Goat [WG005-006]
B.C. Place, Vancouver
Good Audience 

D1-01 Not fade away
D1-02 Tumbling dice
D1-03 You got me rocking
D1-04 Shattered
D1-05 Rocks off
D1-06 Sparks will fly
D1-07 (I can't get no) Satisfaction
D1-08 Beast of burden
D1-09 Out of tears
D1-10 Doo doo doo doo doo (heartbreaker)
D1-11 Love is strong
D1-12 It's all over now
D1-13 I go wild
D1-14 Miss you

D2-01 Band Intros 
D2-02 Honky tonk women
D2-03 Happy
D2-04 The worst
D2-05 Sympathy for the devil
D2-06 Monkey man
D2-07 Street fighting man
D2-08 Start me up
D2-09 It's only rock 'n roll
D2-10 Brown sugar
D2-11 Jumpin' jack flash

Bonus Track: 
D2-12 Far away eyes (same venue, 1994-12-17)

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