Friday, August 05, 2022

Rolling Stones: Forty Licks Sessions in the Studio



The Rolling Stones

Forty Licks Sessions


Compilation of studio outtakes and recordings from the Forty Licks sessions


1. Just Because

2. Dreams

3. Cried Out

4. Love Is A Test

5. When I Call Your Name

6. U Don’t Wanna

7. Don’t Stop (Early Mix)

8. Keys To Your Love (Early Mix)

9. Just Because (Studio Chat)

10. Just Because (Rehearsal Take)

11. Well Well (Edit Version)

12. Rehearsal

13. Keys To Your Love (Rehearsal Take)

14. Losing My Touch (Rehearsal Take)

15. Don’t Stop (Rehearsal Take)

16. You Better Leave That Man Alone

17. Extreme Western Grip

18. Well Well

19. Don’t Stop

20. Keys To Your Love

21. Stealing My Heart

22. Losing My Touch

23. Only Found Out Yesterday

24. Hurricane


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