Saturday, March 21, 2020

Rolling Stones: Dance ‘n’ Shuffle

mp3 224 kbps

Dance ‘n’ Shuffle (More 12″ Dance Mixes 1978-1990)
This CD is one of six containing all the extended dance mixes as well as all the non-album live and studio tracks released on all the numerous 12-inch singles/Maxi-CDs from 1978 onwards.

01. If I Was A Dancer (Dance Pt. 2) - Omitted*
02. Feel On Baby - Instrumental dub mixed by Chris Kimsey
03. Too Much Blood - Dub version by Arthur Baker
04. Harlem Shuffle - NY Mix by Steve Thompson and Michael Barbiero
05. Winning Ugly - NY Mix by Francois Kevorkian
06. Rock And A Hard Place - Dance Mix by Don Was/Michael Brauer
07. Rock And A Hard Place - Oh-Oh Hard dub mix by Was/Brauer
08. Terrifying - 12-inch Remix by Chris Kimsey
09. Rock And Hard Place - Bonus Beats mix by Don Was/David McMurray
10. Beast Of Burden - Instrumental dub
Recorded and mixed 1978. Possibly a Keith Richards and friends solo-session. Previously unreleased.

* Available on Sucking In The Seventies

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