Monday, November 13, 2017

Beastie Boys: Original Ill


Released by Blue Moon in 1997, Original Ill is bascially a demo version of Licensed To Ill.  If you are a Beasties fan, this is a must have album to complete your collection. 

01 Rhyminí + Stealiní (extra dialog)
02 The New Style
03 Sheís Crafty
04 Iím Down (unreleased Beatles Tune)
05 Posse In Effect
06 Fight For Your Right
07 No Sleep Till Brooklyn (different lyrics, longer fade out)
08 Paul Revere
09 Brass Monkey
10 Hold It Now, Hit It (different ending)
11 Girls
12 Slow and Low (extra lyrics)
13 Time To Get Ill
14 Fight For Your Right #2 (different lyrics, extra verses, guitars are louder with effects on vocals)
15 Scenario (unreleased track)

The files have been split with HJSplit, if you do not have it, you can download it from www.hjsplit.org
It is a lightweight application that requires no installation.
Alternatively, you can use 7-zip. You can download it from here: www.7-zip.org


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